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March News Letter

                                          SPOOL TALK
 March 2011 Edition

President’s Message

Hopefully, by the time you get this newsletter, winter will be almost over! However,
to all of you who escaped to Florida or who have not yet come back, you have
missed a “great old-fashioned Canadian winter!” We will doubly appreciate the spring
when it finally arrives. I, for one, hunkered down and finished several UFOs, ate lots of
comfort food, got some remedial work done in the house and read a lot of books. Now I
want to get out in the garden!
Your Executive are winding down their two years in office. I have really enjoyed
serving as President. It has been a great experience, made easy by a hard working Executive
and Convenors. I hope that should someone from the Nominating Committee call,
those of you who have not yet served on the Executive will say yes. We welcome new
ideas, you will get to know many more members and you will enjoy the experience.
The Quilt Show Convenors are doing a great job getting things rolling. It is just a
little over a year away! Time will fly. Members will be asked to step up and help on the
various committees. Have you started your quilt for the show yet?
Our March meeting is the annual “Silent Auction”. This is a good time to clean up
the sewing room deciding what to keep and what to sell. We all have the “hoarders’
gene” (called a stash). It feels good to clear out stuff from time to time. All monies raised
goes towards the Guild’s coffers.
Please plan on visiting the Advertisers in this newsletter when “spring fever” strikes.
Each shop is unique and contain the latest fabrics, machines and notions. They all offer
classes and there is always something new to learn and see.

Mary Gower

General Meetings
3rd Tuesday of the month at 1 pm
King Street United Church
100 King St., Trenton
New Members Welcome

Executive 2010—2011
President              Mary Gower                                             Social Committee
Vice President      Jess Chambers                         Following are the contributors for the refreshment
Secretary               Sue Tastula                                         table for the next three meeting:
Treasurer              Maureen Brewster                                        
Past President      Alison Cirinna                           March 15            Alison Cirinna
                                                                                                           Hattie VanDyk
Committees                                                                                       Georgia Roberts
Library                  Lee Farmes                                                           Shirley Stalford
                              Alice Lawler                                                          Lynn Hamilton
                              Betty Pounsett                                                       Catherine Little
Membership          Sandi Repic                                                           Marg Worsick
                              Sharon French                          April 19                June Humphrey
                              Lynn Hamilton                                                       Kathy Brown
Program               Jess Chambers                                                       Karen Compton
                              Marilyn Edmonds                                                  Marion Payette
                              Susan McQuillin                                                     Pat Gadsby
Workshops           Linda Cowburn                                                       Pat Brinklow
                             Georgia Rogers                                                       Liz Mitchell
                             Barb Scherk                              May 17                Valerie Campey
                             Nicky Livingstone                                                   Nicky Livingstone
Retreat                 Alison Cirinna                                                         Betty Pounsett
                             June Humphrey                                                       Irene Marre
                             Judy Elms                                                               Mary Hie
Social                  Barb Scrutton                                                         Barb Scherk
                            Heather McKellar
                            Brenda Dolha                                     We thank all volunteers for their contributions!
                            Lorraine Brewer                                                
Publicity             Maureen Young                                      
Comfort Quilts    Joy Forge                                            Sort Your Stash!!!!
                            Marion Payette                                       Remember to look over your quilting
Website               Alison Cirinna                                           material. March 15th is our Annual
Newsletter          Lorrie Barber                                          Silent Auction. All monies raised will
                            Linda Virtanen                                                 be in support of our Guild!


Linda Cowburn reported on the following sessions:

March 11                          Amazing Pain-free Hassle-free way to incorporate circles into Quilt
                                          Blocks. Taught by Linda Meyette ($15.00 p.p.)

March 18                          UFO Date tentative if enough interest $8.00 p.p.

April 1                               Thread Painting Skill Building Workshop
                                           “Crazy Eight” member, Sandra Pettit will guide the group
                                           $20.00 p.p.

May 13                              Quilt Carryall Tote—taught by Diana Sansom

May 27                              UFO Date tentative if enough interest $8.00 p.p.

All of the above sessions will be held at the Brighton Community Centre

                                                                        Linda Cowburn reports that requirements for
                                                                            all workshops— to learn and have fun.

                                                                        Laughter is also an essential element. Come
                                                                        out and join other like minded Members for
                                                                        some instructive sessions, worth the price and


Joy Forge reports that as of September 2010, our guild has provided ninety (90) quilts to
deserving individuals. Thanks to all the members who come out to the workdays at
Smithfield and Frankford Churches.

If you would like to take a quilt home to support this most worthwhile effort, please see
Joy or Marion Payette. There are always quilts to be quilted and bound.


Marilyn Edmonds reported the programs planned for our monthly meetings are as follows:

March 15                      “Silent Auction” - members are asked to bring quilting-related items for
                                       Auction. All monies to be added to Guild coffers.

April 19                          Rosalie Tennyson, Quilt Appraiser

May 17                          Diane England, Millbrook Quilting

Please plan on attending these most interesting events.







When Linda asked me to do a short “bio” of myself for this feature, I thought that my story
would be rather ordinary compared to others. However, we do all have our own journey, so
here goes.
We came to Trenton in December 1965 with the military. My husband put me and our two
children, ages 5 and 2 in a rented house and then went to the Middle East for one year!
When he returned, he was posted in Trenton and we never left.
I had learned to sew in high school and over the years made a lot of my own clothes and
items for my daughters. I enjoyed sewing on my Elna open arm machine, purchased by my
husband in Marville, France. It had decorative discs and a new era in sewing machines was
about to begin. We made our clothes mainly out of necessity and dressmaking fabric was
readily available at reasonable prices—compared to buying ready made at the time.
When my children entered high school, I went to work as a Secretary and my sewing
mainly ended for the next twenty years or so. During this time manufacturing went
“offshore” and buying clothes became cheaper. Dress fabric seemed to disappear out of the
shops. Women were going to work and didn’t have time to make the family clothing.
Then, Olga Blasko moved to Trenton and joined our Bridge foursome. She had started
quilting and, though I was still working, thought I would enjoy quilting as a hobby when I
retired in 1997. I joined the Guild soon after, took Ruth Brown’s basic quilting class and
have enjoyed it ever since. I have made many new friends, been on the Executive for most
of these years and have participated in four quilt shows.
I really don’t have a favourite quilt. Each one I make presents its own challenges. I think I
have evolved in my expectations of what I will do in quilting. I like a challenge but don’t
let myself become intimidated by the more complex quilting techniques used by other
quilters. I enjoy making quilt tops, but am so glad of the long arm quilters, as I haven’t the
patience to do the hand quilting, although I have done some. It is gladdening to know that
hand quilting has not disappeared and is still an integral part of quilting history today. The
fabrics, sewing machines, quilt shops—what’s not to love about this hobby!
I have a wonderful sewing space upstairs, looking out of a window. I can really mess up
the room and no one needs to see it! I have always been someone who doesn’t like a lot of
clutter around me and I consider myself quite organized. But I am a different person in my
sewing space! I can really toss things about and have piles of stuff around me. Sometimes
I watch TV and other times I listen to the radio. I bind my quilts at night in front of the TV
with my cat happily making her mark cuddled up on top of them all.
Mary Gower


Feeling like a field trip? Here are some events planned over the next few months that may
interest you……
April 15—17                               Feelings in Fabrics 2011 Kawartha Quilt makers’ Guild
                                                   Peterborough, Ontario - Evinrude Centre
                                                   More info: kqg2011 at gmail.com

April 30-May 1                           Threads of Time Quinte Quilters Guild
                                                   Belleville, Ontario— Quinte Curling Club
                                                   More info: quintequiltersguild.ca

April 30-May 1                           Silver Threads Quilt Show Region of York Quilters Guild
                                                   Newmarket, Ontario— Newmarket Seniors Meeting Place
                                                   More info: regionofyorkquiltersguild.ca.

May 6 –8                                    Festival of Quilts Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild
                                                   Ottawa, Ontario—RA Centre
                                                   More info: ottawavalleyquiltersguild.org

May 14-15                                  Quilts in the Garden Halton Quilter’s Guild
                                                    Burlington, Ontario - Royal Botanical Garden
                                                    More info: quiltsinthegardens.com

May 19-21                                  Quilts of Niagara...A Symphony of Talents
                                                    Niagara Heritage Quilter’s Guild
                                                    Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario—Niagara College Campus
                                                    Call Nina at 905 562-4859 or website nhqg.ca

May 24-28                                  Quilt Ontario
                                                    Quilt Canada comes to London, Ontario

May 28-29                                   Quilted Treasures
                                                     Lindsay Creative Quilters’ Guild
                                                     Lindsay, Ontario—Lindsay Curling Club

Marilyn Edmonds recommends the following site:

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