Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fabric and Cutting requirements for retreat


Requirments for 1 pillowcase:

1/3yd of solid colour fabric for pillowcase band

1yd print fabric for pillowcase main body

Thread to match

Cutting Directions:
1. From solid colour (band) cut:  1 - 10 inch x 41 inch strip.
2. From the print fabric cut: 1 - 26 1/2 in. x 41 in. rectangle.


Sewing Requirements for 1 Trivet

3 pieces of printed cotton – 10 ½ inches square
2 pieces of contrast cotton – 10 ½ inches square
1 piece radiate – 10 ½ inches square
Sewing thread
¼ inch piecing foot with flange

***** Optional Accessories
            Decorative threads to co-ordinate with fabrics
            Open toe Applique foot
            2 pieces of cut-away stabilizer – 10 ½ inches by 5 ¼ inches
            Wash away or fade-away marker
            Pen & Paper


Required Material (for 2 Pointsetia)

Please cut the following before workshop:

5 – 5” diameter circles (red or red print for petals)
2 – 3” diameter circles ( red or red print for petals)
3 – 5 1/2 “ diameter circles (green for leaves)
2 – 2” diameter circles (yellow or gold for center)

You will also need
-hand stitching needle
-quilting thread to match red material
-2 pieces of soft cotton fill, each the size of a grape

If you have a glue gun please bring along but do not buy one as there will be some available.

Ribbon Candy Quilt

Fabric requirements:

1 ¼ m. of two contrasting fabrics
         (each will give you the 12 – 12” squares you need for the lap quilt)

You can also use all different fabrics as I did and you will need 24 – 12” squares.

2 ½ m. of two contrasting fabrics
         (each will give you the 24 – 12” squares you need for a single or bigger depending on                  
         the size of your borders)

Borders can be what ever size you want.  I put on 5" borders


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